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  • DocuSign 101
    The DocuSign 101 training session will cover the basics of a DocuSign transaction and DocuSign signing ceremony.
    • DocuSign terminology (envelopes, templates, power forms, tags, signing ceremony)
    • Envelope creation (tags, recipients, authentication methods, email message/subject)
    • Signing ceremony (show signer's perspective)
    • Envelope management (history, certificate, correction)
    • Adopting signatures
    • Manage email notifications
  • Template Creation and Power Forms

    • How to create a Powerform
    • How to manage/change the "Sender" for the envelopes created via a Powerform
    • Shared folders to access Powerform envelopes for a particular Sender
    • Admin permissions for Powerforms, and how to access Powerform data if no shared folders are setup
    • Powerform email validation (security), and other usage limitation settings
    • Web-form: how to take data from your web-form and push that data into DocuSign Fields, as well as how to bypass our Powerform name+email landing page.
    • Web-form: how to push Envelope Custom Field meta-data into a Powerform-generated envelope.
    • Best practices for Recipient roles, and how to make certain Template workflow recipients either Required vs. Optional on the Powerform landing page.
  • Advanced Templates

    • Doc Visibility
    • Conditional Logic
    • Formulas
    • Auto Placement / Anchor Tagging
    • Bulk Sending
    • PDF fillable forms
    • Comments
  • Advanced Recipient Workflow

    • Recipient Types
    • Specify Recipients
    • Update Recipients
    • Allow to Edit
    • Conditional Recipient Routing
    • Delegated Admin – Options to make permissions more granular
    • Comments – Recent updates
    • Envelope Sharing – How to share / act on another user’s envelopes, if needed



    • Envelope Reports
    • Member Profile and Options
    • Email Notifications
    • Envelope Custom Fields
    • Branding
    • Account Features  (Sending / Signing)
    • Edit and Schedule Reports